After Sales Support Service

...and operators training

MIB’s reputation is built not only on the quality and reliability of its products but also its Customer Service approach. The Company recognises the vital importance of supporting its Customers on the field.

Our service package includes:

• A full installation and commissioning service by skilled MIB engineers.
• Provision of comprehensive operating and maintenance manuals with each and every supplied item.
• Preventive maintenance support and advice.
• Regular service contract agreements.
• Extensive and rapid spare parts service for all of our products.

A key element of MIB’s business has always been a proactive worldwide After Sales Service Support for our onshore and offshore products.

Back by an extremely experienced team of field engineers, coordination and scheduling from the support team in our Italian and UK operations, MIB is able to offer a comprehensive back up, be it maintenance, refurbishment or inspection of the products at site, provision of spare parts and operational advice.

We believe it is also vital that the operators utilizing our equipment are not only well informed on its purpose, design and operation, but also capable of performing periodic testing and preventative maintenance. Training of your operating crews, maintenance teams and supervisory staff should always be considered part of the “deliverables” when dealing with key safety equipment.

The Company prides itself on its extensive support of its products world-wide by a team of highly skilled, experienced and devoted personnel.


For assistance, please contact us at aftersales@mibitaliana.it

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