A new photovoltaic system has been installed at MIB italiana

A new photovoltaic system has been installed at MIB Italiana

MIB Italiana embraces the energy transition and looks to a greener future.

In December 2021, we started the installation of a photovoltaic system for the production of clean energy, which will serve part of our internal consumption.


The supplier is a leading Italian company in the sector, the first company in Veneto to produce this type of plant and the fifth in Italy.


The 964 panels installed in the ground-mounted system will exploit solar energy, leading to energy savings of 70–80% of our consumption, as well as enormous environmental sustainability benefits.

We will soon also have charging columns for electric vehicles, both for internal use and our visitors.


We have undertaken this project in keeping with the philosophy of the IVG Colbachini Group, which interprets sustainability as an indispensable industrial roadmap. We have embarked on an essential journey to drive education on the sensitivity required for conscientious decision-making, environmental values, empowerment and productive systems.

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