“The Gastech Virtual Summit will take place from 7 – 11 September 2020, with strategic and technical content, streamed online, enabling the Gas, LNG and Energy industry the platform to engage and connect, as it adapts and responds to the collective challenges and opportunities the industry faces.
With COVID-19 redefining our everyday lives, the Gastech team is proud to announce the Gastech Virtual Summit 2020, a virtual conference that will include strategic and technical content streamed online, providing a vital platform on which the Gas, LNG and Energy industry can engage as we adapt and respond to the post-pandemic landscape and new market dynamics.
Despite the continuing challenges of travel and face to face meetings, Gastech is committed to showcasing the very latest thinking for the natural gas and energy sector enabling companies to support skills and learning during this period of reduced mobility.
Gastech Virtual Summit 2020 will feature exclusive participation and commentary from industry leaders who will outline strategies and visions for confronting our new and changed energy markets, considering ambitious decarbonisation targets. The Summit will also showcase the very latest and peer-reviewed research on new technologies and business strategies to help companies thrive in challenging times and exclusive keynote addresses from globally renowned leaders in the technology space.
Hosted on our fully interactive platform, delegates will gain insights from our sessions, develop and share ideas by participating in live Q&As and audience polls and develop and deepen relationships with industry peers via our exclusive network programme – wherever they are in the world.” STAY CONNECT WITH US AT www.gastechevent.com

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