MIB LNG small-scale safety system arrives in Sardinia

LNG Storage Plant in Santa Giusta

“A new development perspective opens up for Sardinia” President of the Region, Christian Solinas, said it while speaking at the mooring ceremony of the first gas carrier at the port of Oristano.

MIB ITALIANA is proud to be part of this successful project that introduces for the first time in Sardinia the LNG, a natural fuel of a low environmental impact and high degree of safety in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.

Port of Oristano facilities will be able to receive LNG from small and medium-sized carriers, to discharge the fuel into the storage tanks mainly for use in liquid form as fuel for automotive, industrial, civil and marine industries.

This is the result of a synergy between MIB ITALIANA leading supplier of customized connectors and safety solutions for the International Oil and Gas market, the German Marine Loading Arm manufacturer EMCO Wheaton and Gas and Heat the Italian engineering company that is the EPC contractor for this project.

Picture Courtesy of Gas and Heat – LNG Terminal in Santa Giusta – Sardinia, Italy

MIB equipment for this Project is based on the well proven and worldwide recognized MIB Emergency Release System for LNG:

  • Double Ball Valve with ERC dual cylinder with independent operation of valves and ERC hydraulically interlocked by means of a three-port leak proof sequence valve to prevent disconnection of the emergency release coupler before the ball valves are full closed.
  • Vapor return line Check Valve supplied with their own individual ERC
  • Designed in accordance to OCIMF Design & Constructions Specification for Marine Loading Arms

MIB ITALIANA is committed every day more to environmental responsibility by promoting sustainable development and reducing the impact of its equipment operations.

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