What is the future of LNG as a marine fuel for ships?

What is the future of LNG as a marine fuel for ships?

Emphasis on the environment, human safety and protection are increasingly under the spot-light, with a major issue for the shipping world of pollutant emissions.

From January 1st, 2020, the limit of sulphur content in the fuel oil used on board ships has been reduced from 3,5% to 0.50% m/m by the UN’s International Maritime Organization.

A very significant milestone to improve air quality, preserve the environment and protect human health.

As a direct consequence, the attention of all has turned to much cleaner fuels, where the most widely used is LNG, thanks to a well-developed infrastructure and to decades of safe and reliable operations all over worldwide terminals, compared to other green fuels such as ammonia and hydrogen for instance, which can be defined as “next-generation”.

This growing demand for natural gas as bunkering fuel paved the way for a rapid and stable increase for marine transferring solutions aimed at achieving ever faster operations while safeguarding the vessel’s crew and the environment.


Driven by the vast and decades-lasting experience in the LNG industry, MIB developed its own LNG bunkering transfer package providing to the market a fully integrated system based on proven technology and enhancing the operator friendliness of use. The transfer system complies with the main applicable regulations such as IGF, ISO 21953 and third-party class requirements. The package can also be supplied SIL compliant according to ISO 61508.

Depending the specific project requirements and on the operating conditions, MIB is always keen to propose the most cost-effective solution to meet the Customer specific CAPEX and OPEX targets.

Among the gas bunkering transfer solutions via flexible hoses, MIB boasts the most commonly known hydraulic based transfer package as the last developed electrically driven transfer package (patent pending): the first ever being supplied to the market. This latter bringing several advantages both to the shipyard and also to the operators, thanks to the much simpler design, less interfaces with the ships and easy-to-understand operability for the crew.

MIB is your single source for the design, manufacturing and testing of the complete gas bunkering package including its integration onboard the ship and its final commissioning by the assistance of our top skilled service engineers.

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